If you'd like to make a donation to Chris during the Old Songs 40th Virtual Festival, he asks that instead, you please donate directly to Old Songs, or to the Local 1000 Emergency Relief Fund.   Thank You all, and stay safe!

Thanks for Stopping by...

Here you’ll find information on Chris’ musical activities.  Mainly focusing on Folk Music; he sings, plays guitar, concertina, banjo, fiddle, mandolin. Music of the sea, the land, work, and play, Chris loves to sing, and play with people from all around, in the first “do-it-yourself” music: folk! 




Chris can be:

Traditional - Singer of songs with a strong historic base.  Composed long ago, by those whose names may be long since forgotten, but whose ideas are still relevant today. 

Contemporary - Singer of songs that, although written today speak with a voice of timelessness. 

Of The People - Singer of songs that  "folks" can make their own, and carry on.