Sailors, Ships, and Chanteys with Joy Bennett & Chris Koldewey an online workshop presentation; Friday, April 9th, 7:30pm ET Joy Bennett and Chris Koldewey will present an overview of the working and playing lives of 19th Century sailors through their work­songs (chanteys), ballads, and songs. With multi­media examples, as well as Chris and Joy singing some of the songs themselves, participants will gain a more accurate perspective and understanding of the songs of our maritime ancestors. There will be time allotted for participants to ask questions through chat, and receive real­time answers. Back­ breaking repetitive work, in horrifying conditions, facing life and death consequences, as the forces of the great oceans and nature threaten human life and their sea traversing vehicles, has never been so much fun! Suggested contgribution is $13 for general admission or $11 for members (including all ticketing costs). No one will be refused participation because of a lack of donation. The zoom link will be sent after you register at: